Fatigued driving is a huge risk -- driver reaction times while drowsy have been shown to be as slow as driving while intoxicated.

Provide your drivers with solutions and expertise that only SleepMedRx provides.  Save on healthcare costs, boost productivity, and make our roads safer.

the Consequences of untreated obstructive sleep apnea

  Studies have shown that truck drivers have a high risk of obstructive sleep apnea. Having a tired driver behind the wheel can put your business at risk and their life in jeopardy.

Impaired Judgment

Untreated sleep apnea causes excessive daytime sleepiness, which impairs judgment, causes attention deficits, slows reaction times, and decreases alertness.

Lost Productivity

Annual US economic burden is estimated at 149 billion of which 87 billion is in lost productivity.

Financial Costs

Recent study confirmed $411/driver/month savings for employers when OSA was treated

Average Cost of Accident

FMCSA estimates*

Basic health and property damage.

$1.2 million

When a semi-truck pulling is pulling multiple trailers.

$7.2 million

When a semi-truck accident results in fatality.

Falling Asleep at the Wheel

Self-report of falling asleep at the wheel during the past 30 days, 6 months, year, and since beginning to drive.

In the past 30 days...
In the past 6 months...
In the past year...
Since beginning to drive...
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how we can help

Our comprehensive sleep program provides the complete solution.


Our simple screening process can help detect drivers at risk.

Telemedicine Consultation

Drivers can complete medical consults from home or even when parked on the side of a road

Home Sleep Testing

State of the art sleep testing in the driver's own bed

OSA Treatment

Treatment delivered to the driver's door with 24/7 support and education

Compliance Monitoring Program

We regularly interact with and support every driver in real time whilst on treatment

Real-Time Reporting

Monitor your fleets safety with updated daily reports

what people are saying

At AmeriGas “Safety” is our number one priority. AmeriGas drivers haul Hazmat and we believe having well rested drivers is critical for the drivers and the public’s safety SleepMedRx has helped manage our drivers sleep apnea from diagnosis through treatment monitoring with their advanced technology platform and testing capabilities. The Care Management team at SleepMedRx constantly monitors the drivers on treatment and communicates directly to help any driver having issues with treatment. A daily scorecard gives me the status of every driver. I would highly recommend SleepMedRx services to any transportation company without reservation.
Jean T.
Workforce Health Team