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As a healthcare provider you recognize the importance of sleep health. Getting a sleep consultation, testing and treatment can be a long and expensive journey for patients. Our state of the art platform offers a simple and cost effective way for your patients to get better sleep.

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solutions for sleep dentistry

Most states require a physician to prescribe a sleep apnea test and therapy, such as dental devices or CPAP. It is difficult and time consuming for dentists to coordinate these MD visits for their patients.

Virtual Sleep Medicine Referral

Dentists can schedule a sleep consult on our secure telemedicine platform to easily refer their patients to our board certified sleep physicians and advanced practitioners who will perform a comprehensive online consultation, order home sleep apnea tests when clinically indicated, and prescribe treatment such as dental devices or CPAP. All this can be done from the comfort of the patient's home.

sleep testing solutions

Our workflow includes provision of disposable home sleep testing devices to your office that you can send home with your patient (no more need to buy expensive home sleep testing equipment) that allows both diagnostic and multiple additional tests as the dental device is adjusted to an optimal position. All test results are immediately available to you on your personal dashboard.

nationwide coverage

With our unique telemedicine platform designed specifically to accommodate workflow for sleep disorders, your patients gain access to board-certified sleep physicians and advanced practitioners in all 50 states.

how does it work?

Working closely with top Sleep Dentists in the field, our Sleep Provider team has designed a seamless clinical pathway that keeps the patient experience in focus while following all the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Guidelines.

Dentist identifies patient that may have undiagnosed sleep apnea.

Patient leaves dental office with HSAT device.

Patient completes virtual visit with SleepMedRx sleep physician who orders HSAT to allow home sleep testing if indicated.

Patient completes home sleep test, results automatically sent back to SleepMedRx sleep physician for interpretation and dental device preparation.



Dental appointment

During a routine office visit the dentist identifies a patient at risk for sleep apnea.


hSAT device supplied

Patient leaves dental office with an appointment for an online sleep consultation and an unactivated disposable multi-use HSAT device.


Virtual Consultation

Patient completes a virtual sleep consultation with a SleepMedRx sleep provider who orders activation of HSAT device if clinically appropriate to allow for home sleep testing.


patient Sleep Test Results and Rx

Patient completes the home sleep test, the Cloud based data is reviewed by a board certified sleep physician and a final report is generated. If a dental device is indicated, a prescription is generated. The sleep test and Rx are immediately visible on the dentist's portal.


Device Delivery and Adjustment

Dentist fits the dental device and titrates to subjective optimal position. The dentist can track the reduction in sleep apnea severity during adjustments using the multi-use home sleep test unit that the patient has in their possession.

solutions for physicians

Whether you are a primary care physician, internist or specialist, you see patients in your clinic everyday that have sleep disorders impacting their overall health. Getting them an appointment with a sleep physician, expensive testing, and complicated pathways to treatment are barriers you may face.

What if a simple online referral took care of the patients sleep issues in the comfort of their home while keeping you informed and in control every step of the way...

Virtual Sleep Medicine Referral

A referral to SleepMedRx sleep specialists can be as easy as handing the patient a card asking them to type in into their phone or computer. They register for an online low cash pay consult and we take it from there.

For a more customized experience and full visibility of your patient's journey from consult to treatment, you just need a couple of extra steps to let us register your medical practice into our portal. You get a unique custom URL so we know who referred the patient and can communicate back.

sleep testing solutions

Working with our world class partners, after online consultations, we deliver home sleep testing when clinically indicated to the patient's home that is covered under their medical insurance. If you prefer to own and bill for your own sleep testing program let us help you develop the in house expertise to add an important service and revenue stream. Call us for more information.

nationwide coverage

With our unique telemedicine platform designed specifically to accommodate workflow for sleep disorders, your patients gain access to board-certified sleep physicians and advanced practitioners in all 50 states.

what people are saying

I have used SleepMedRx since I started dental sleep medicine. I refer my patients with complete confidence that they will be well taken care of. The consultations have been thorough and pleasant. All of my patients have been as pleased as I have.
Patty T.
Serna Sleep Center
SleepMedRx is a great web-based solution for your patients who are resistant to seeing a sleep physician to complete sleep consultation, testing, and treatment recommendations. The workflow makes it easy for both the patient and the practitioner and increases chances of follow through with your recommendations to a healthy pathway.
Mayor P.
Craniofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Center of Georgia

Healthcare Professional Partnership

SleepMedRx is the perfect solution for primary care physicians, internists, cardiologists or any healthcare professional seeking to make the journey to a better sleep easy for their patients.
A virtual sleep consult, disposable home sleep testing units and the ability to coordinate any sleep therapy for patients across the US makes sleep care as easy as clicking a few buttons on your computer. Lets us do the rest.

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