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SleepMedRx works with best in class partners to deliver unmatched sleep medicine consultations and diagnostic services and treatment solutions directly to you, in the comfort of your own home.

The sleepmedrx difference

Sleep disorders can be complex, frustrating and hard to overcome. A wrong diagnosis can lead to costly tests and poor outcomes. We know there are many options to get a quick at home sleep test.

Our belief, however, is that your journey to better sleep should always start with a conversation about your specific sleep issues with a trained specialist who can guide you through appropriate testing, order the right treatments and be there to follow up with you as treatment progresses.

Our aim as sleep specialists is to partner with you for the whole journey to better sleep. Sometimes it may be a quick and easy fix but if not we will be there to help.

Our Process

Book an appointment when convenient to you and log in at the time of your appointment for a comprehensive sleep consultation. Our specialists will order testing if needed, delivered right to your home and arrange for state of the art treatment to help you find better sleep. Follow up appointments to guide ongoing care are just as easy. Think of us as your personal, at home virtual sleep specialists!

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Our Services

Our board certified sleep physicians and specialized nurse practitioners provide solutions for a wide range of sleep problems. Consultation is completed on a highly secure telemedicine platform with very affordable cash pay rates.

We offer cost effective state of the art home sleep testing and treatment options that are usually covered by your insurance. We coordinate various types of treatment for sleep apnea and other disorders without you leaving your home. All your medical records, including test results and prescriptions, are immediately available to you on our secure site.

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Poor sleep can impact your physical and emotional health. Disruptive snoring can hurt a relationship and be the first sign that something may be wrong. If you are feeling poorly rested and fatigued you may have a sleep disorder and seeking the right treatment can lead to a healthier you.

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what patients are saying

I was referred to SleepMedRx after my DOT examination to be evaluated for sleep apnea. The process was simple and because it was done through telemedicine, I did not have to take time off work. The doctor was very informative and answered all my questions. If you are a patient looking for an easy solution to get evaluated and tested for sleep apnea, I highly recommend using SleepMedRx
Richard R
Sleep Patient
SleepMedRx was not only convenient, allowing me to see a doctor in my own home but with the COVID pandemic was also a safer alternative to visiting a physician’s office. I was able to schedule the appointment easily online and the whole process from consultation to testing to treatment was done within 2 weeks. I would recommend SleepMedRx to anyone looking for better sleep!
Sean M.
Sleep Patient

Our Sleep Team

Meet our team of board certified sleep physicians and highly trained nurse practitioners. We look forward to connecting with you!